Special showbreads are brought as offerings by the Kohanim (priests). (Courtesy Sanhedrin)



The very day after the feast of dedication unto the Lord Hannukah,  they sacrificed an animal as a dedication unto the third temple

Christians are funding the rebuilding of the third temple. (this is not good) We are the holy temple

Abomination that causes desolation, the Antichrist causes it but is not it

- It has begun the veil of darkness has been drawn with the great fall away

- The Abomination, Idolotry of the sacrifice when He has already been sacrificed

Revealing of the antichrist and the false prophet

- False unity and one world government (Pope and Antichrist)

- Mark of the beast

Two Visions which were shown to me..

Moses on the plateu of Mt Sinia

The Pope and Imam of Islam holding hands

Are we in the end times? Jesus is not coming peacefully, their sins have so piled up to heaven, New Jerusalem

“Speak on the things that must be”

Temple must be built and hearts turned toward idolatry (worse than homosexuality)

- This is a culture that once knew GOD, Christians who are impowered spiritually but deny His power and rulership

- Majority of Christians will be behind the rebuilding thinking that if it is rebuilt then He will come but they are ignorant to their own destruction 

Spirit of Blasphemy everywhere

- Dream of deceiving spirits 1 Kings 22:21-23, The devil is releasing deceiving spirits throughout the earth; 3 main purposes

  1. The gospel of ultimate grace and continued allowance in sin

  2. We as a church have reach our maximum effectiveness in Christ, we just need to love and wait for His return

  3. Its ok to take the mark or to go along with the world because we have salvation and that covers everything we do

Ephesians 4 is the TRUE unity of the brethren where as the mockery of GOD continues in the form of a one world religion


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