The Art of Waiting on God Pt 4-4

Jesus Ministries, Meditation of the Word.

The Art of Waiting on God Pt 2-4

Jesus Ministries, Waiting on God

The Art of Waiting on God Pt 1-4

Jesus Ministries, Walking With God

The Awesome God

Jesus Ministries, Sermon on how great our GOD is!

The New Transformed Life Pt2-2

Jesus Ministries, Walking in the transformed life of Jesus Christ. Part 2 of 2 

The New Transformed Life Pt1-2

Jesus Ministries, Walking in the life of the new creation. Part 1 of 2

The Catching Away "Rapture" of the Saints

Jesus Ministries, The truth about the so called "Rapture" of the Saints who will endure until the end.

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God

By Angel TV, Jesus Ministries

Soaking in scriptures~Verses for Sleep

Renew your heart and mind by meditating on these scriptures prior to entering your rest.

Soaking in scriptures~The Love of God

Bask and be reminded that the Lord has the best in store for you.

Soaking in scriptures

Restoring Hope through the reiteration and prayer of scriptures.

The truth about Christmas...

Many myths are dispelled and much revelation of truth is brought forth.

December 25?

Was Jesus born on Christmas? Why do we celebrate Christmas on Dec 25?

10 Reasons NOT to celebrate Halloween

Halloween is a demonic ritual that many Christians celebrate without fully understanding its meaning or ramifications for doing so.

Calling things that are not as though they are

Academy of Light; Neville Johnson

Return of the Ark

Academy of Light presents Episode 43.

Word of the Lord Feb 03, 2019

Brother Joe shares a Word on the Fear of God.

Word of the Lord Jan 27, 2019 Part II Babylon the System

Sister Shamarra speaks on the the other side of Babylon which is a growing virus throughout the world to usurp the authority or Gods children To see Part I on the physical place in end times...

Word of the Lord Jan 27, 2019 Babylon

Brother Joe gives a Word on the soon coming destruction of Babylon, which perhaps just might be, America To see Part II which speaks on the Babylonian world system please click...