Word of the Lord Jan 20, 2019 Inalienable Rights

Joe shares a word on returning to the beginning, foundations of America and the inalienable rights of a Christian.

Word of the Lord Jan 20, 2019 Weather Forecast

Sister Shamarra shares a word on the current conditions of the church and a warning to America.

Word of the Lord Jan 5 '19

Communiion with the new year.  Many things are coming our way to include a great outpouring of the final decision on the church. The year of the sword means there will be a division; on one...

How to pray for Power, Strength and Renewal

Praying daily is a necessity and doing so with reverence from the heart in a relationship with Jesus is a must.  To remember what He went through, filled up with His presence and hearing your...

Know Jesus Know LIfe

When you get to know Jesus everything starts to make sense.

Word of the Lord Dec 14 '18

Sister Shamarra instructs what the Lord shown her concerning the soon approaching end times events.

4 Little known facts about Heaven

New Earth Revealed!

1 Peter 5:8

A brief description on who the enemy is and how he is defeated.

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Resurrection Sunday

The Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ  

Daniels Prophesy Revealed

Prophecy not coincidence

The Ark has been Discovered

"Noah's Ark Discovered" Must Watch